Star EV M Series 14 Passenger 72V Shuttle Bus


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Star EV M Series 14 Passenger 72V Shuttle Bus

Ground Transport

Operating a private transit fleet built around STAR’s M-SERIES vehicles may not be magic, but it sure comes close. Making its scheduled rounds with exceptionally high visibility and noticeably lower costs, the M-SERIES drives environmental and operational change at every turn.

To protect air quality, these buses operate with zero emissions and require no fossil fuels. To optimize rider, street and traffic safety, STAR’s M-SERIES buses offer strong, lightweight construction, consistent acceleration, tight maneuverability, easy handling, and an excellent field of vision. Fully compliant with all Federal Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), these vehicles are equipped with a range of safety features, with optional upgrades and accessories also available.

Fast on-board charging and driving range are roundtrip-friendly. Treated to ergonomic design, comfortable seating and a smooth quiet ride, passengers are eager to get on board, filling the seats with no reservations. Every day, even twice a day or more, M-SERIES is at your service.

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12, 6-V, Trojan T-105



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